Investment Management


“Buy and hold” may make sense for some investors but we don’t think it makes sense for an investment professional to sit back and watch while markets tumble. We cannot promise to get you out at the top or in at the very bottom, but by recognizing and acting on established trends, we may be able to enhance your overall returns and minimize damage from major market downturns.


Woodwell offers custom investment portfolio construction and ongoing investment management based on sound asset allocation principles and an understanding of both technical and fundamental analysis.

We favor index Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) for portfolio construction because of their liquidity, diversification, low internal costs, and breadth of available choices tracking both broad market and major worldwide sector indexes. To help us make decisions about when it’s time to reallocate or rebalance, we regularly track a number of specific data elements we have found to be predictors of shifts in investor sentiment.


We actively allocate and reallocate portfolios using passively managed index Exchange Traded Funds

Woodwell Asset Services


For investors who prefer a rules-based approach to investing, we offer our WoodWealth series of proprietary investment models. These quantitative models help eliminate emotion in investment selection and timing decisions. All of our models use algorithms developed and tested using actual market data from many different market cycles. 


Our Dividend / Price Value Model uses proprietary value and dividend screens to select up to 30 individual stocks from the S&P 500 Index and rebalances annually to capture new value-based selections. 

Woodwell Asset Services


Using actual performance data from the market downturn of 2007-2009, we developed proprietary ETF selection algorithms to create portfolios which are designed to outperform through an entire market cycle.

Woodwell Asset Services

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