Flexibility & Independence

Smaller firms succeed because they’re good, not because they’re big. Smaller means you have to know the business inside and out to survive. Smaller means you can’t outsource experience... instead you outsource the routine tasks that otherwise might take focus off the important ones.

Flexibility & Independence

Woodwell Asset Management

Smaller firms have no choice but to concentrate on what they do best, and not try to be all things to all people. Independence is important too. Have you ever wondered why some firms push their own mutual funds? Independent firms like Woodwell have no one else to please but you... and with today’s computers, software and the internet, no one needs “big” anymore to benefit from sophisticated information and analysis.

“…registered reps at a big Wall Street firm can no longer claim a digital advantage over a Main Street solo practice”

-Ryan Neal, Investment News Magazine, 4/15/19

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